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Mairi Cowan

Tuesday September 25, 2012- Intro to EU History Map and Short Answer Test - Readings and lectures from since the beginning of the course - Page 415 for map - 2/3 questions from short answer The Later Middle Ages- An Age of Decline or a Golden Age? Historiography - How history has been written? Ancient, Medieval, Modern - Not looking at ancient, chopping Medieval; looking at the later half and then first half of Modern o Where do you divide Medieval from modern? Where did the Middle Ages end?  1350; Black Death ending; end of Middle Ages  1453; Fall of Constantinople, end of Hundred Years War, and death of John Dunstable  1485; beginning of Tudor dynasty in England  1492; first voyage of Christopher Columbus  1500; a nice round number, sounds good  1517; Martin Luther writes Ninety-Five Theses  1560; Scottish Parliament reformed  1300/1350-1500/1550 late middle ages o Does it matter what we call this period? o Lawls im falling asleep o I really need to get more sleep tonight I actually can’t wait to start school later tomorrow - Later middle ages really worth studying o Religion, high artistic culture and everyday lives Religion - Vast majority of people in Western EU Christians; Catholic - Large variety of approaches to religion - Authority of the Pope o Supreme authority in religion - Saving power of God in rites of Church o If you want to be saved, to do this is through the rites provided by the church  You don’t get to be saved if you’re not Christian - Saints o Mediators between humans and divine, had a special relationship with the divine o Relics; some physical item that associated with the saint for life that continued to transmit energy after saint’s death  Wow im so tired am I going to keep talking about how tired I am? Yes, yes I will  There were skeptics of some of the relics - After death; no one wants to go to Hell o Everlasting torment felt physically and spiritualism o Once in Hell, you can never leave it o Heaven:  Only people who could go to heaven is those who died with no stain on their soul, so sin on their soul  Third place; Purgatory o People were purged of their sins, a soul went to be cleansed of their sins, to be sent to heaven o An optimistic place, would end up in heaven whenever you were ready o But it was a painful experience o But there is help available to help one in purgatory  How?  Special prayers  People still alive cleanse their own soul, do good deeds  Given the information you need to live your life
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