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Lecture 3

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Mairi Cowan

The Later Middle Ages An Age of Decline or a Golden Age? Map and Short answer  Next lecture  2/3 questions o 5 things on the plague Historiography Ancient, Medieval, Modern End dates to the middle ages  1350? Black Death  1450s? Printing Press o Rising literacy might be a cause of the printing press  1453? End of the 100 Years War; “Fall” of Constantinople; Death of John Dunstable  1485? Beginning of Tudor dynast in England  1492? First voyage of Christopher Columbus  1500? A nice round number  1517? Luther writes the Ninety-Five Theses  1560? Protest Reformation in Scotland Religion  Authority of Papacy  Saving power of God in rites of Church  Saints, relics o All classes believed in the powers of saints o Relics were believed to hold power o Some relics were only used for certain ceremonies, some were put on display with protection o Skeptics, even back then  The soul lived after the death of the body with 3 locations o Dante has a great influence on this o Hell  Physical and mental torture  No escape o Heaven  Paradise, everlasting bliss  Only allowed in with no stain of sin on their soul  Non-Christians (or anyone unbaptized persons) are placed in limbo o Purgatory  Where you go after death to be cleansed of your sins  You eventually will end up in heaven  Family could help speed things up buying do
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