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March 3, 2014 HIS236 Paper -6-8 pages research paper -between the chronology of the class (1700 – present) -only look at England/Britain/United Kingdom -primary and secondary sources -understand the nature of the assignment, need a perspective -written in first person -does not require a conventional thesis paragraph, must be written from a well-defined vantage point -curiosity, hard work -independent research, DYI nature of the class; “futzing” with the library website -Chicago Manual of Style -citing encyclopedias and dictionaries is taboo in university -can write a preface for the paper Why research? -build on own knowledge case, pursuing what you think is interesting -knowledge creation, the research process leads us to truth; citing sources is not about avoiding plagiarism -evaluating arguments, evaluating truth claims -realizing how little you know, this is the first step towards education Austrian-Hungarian Empire on the Eve of the First World War -causes and consequences -millions of people lost their live, resulting in a lost generation of men -idea of unlimited progress -world can be made a better place through industrial purposes -machines and technologies actually used to kill people in massive numbers -why does it happen? -both short term and long term causes -imperial rivalries -assassinations of the arch duke franc Ferdinand -WWI cause roots extend deep in Eastern Europe -super national multiethnic empires in Eastern Europe -Austria Hapsburg, Hungarian -27 million subjects -many different ethnicities: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Hungarian -different ethnicities want their own nation, this is an era of nationalism -ethnic nationalism is profoundly destructive -want to have their own self determination, break away from the empire and create their own nation -Austria-Hungary is suspicious of Serbia -1903, king of Serbia is disliked because of his closeness to the Austria-Hungary king. King and wife were murdered -serbian nationalists want all the serbians living in the Austrian-hungarian territory to make their own land and nation to be combined with Serbia -new king is all about Serbian nationalism -austria-hungary sees this as a threat -this hostility directly leads, in some sense, to the first WW -strong countries like Austria-hungary and Russia want to have some kind of claim in the balkens (southeastern Europe) -empires are interested in taking land (imperialism) -Austria-hungary take some important land from Turkish people -Austria-hungary is backed by Germany and is very powerful -Germany became a nation in 1891, under king Carl -serbians believe that bosnia was the heart of the new empire they would create -outraged at Austria-hungary -serbians found a natural ally in Russia -serbians send out the terrorists -one of whom is Gavrilo Princip who kills Franz Ferdinand -Franz Ferdinand was successor to be emperor -austrians are outraged at the assassination and give ultimatums -ultimatums would have given the emperor unprecedented control over Serbia -austria-hungary want to control Serbia whereas serbians want freedom -9 out of the 10 ultimatums were agreed to -did not agree to control of police force and control of personal archives (worried about local officials had contact with Gavrilo Princip) -July 28 1909 Austria declares war -WWI stem from the internal rivalries within t
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