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March 24, 2014 HIS 236 Exam is on stuff after the midterm. *Do not study anything from before the midterm! -not a lot of avenue for social mobility Brian Epstein 1934-1967 -without him, there would not be the beatles -beatles are working class kids, got rich and bought material things -are the beatles driven by celebrity, by fame? -famous on a global scale never before seen in history -teenage girls listening to the beatles (boy band) -profoundly popular by 1963 (beatles) -praise coming from all parties, prime minister, and the queen -1963: Epstein wonders if beatles will become overexposed, can they maintain this level of popularity -60’s : beatles were everywhere (merchandise) -too popular: riots in the streets -broke apart their old musical community New Concept of Celebrity -“A Hard Day’s Night” : showing the beatles backstage, it brings the fans and viewers into the beatles’ private lives, audience has personal relationship with them -treat fans like their best friends, being able to identify with each other -fans come to “love” them -treat fans, not as customers, but as equals -Beatles come to be identified with rock and roll, define rock and roll -not only define the musical style, but also lifestyle Promotional Material -doubts about chances of being successful in the U.S. -American revolution -Canadians are more pro british, Americans were weary of british crown and culture -promotional campaign all throughout US before beatle’s arrival -pamphlets, posters, stickers -known as the British invasion -epstein signed with Capital Records -radio was promoting the beatles -paparazzi starts with the beatles -beatles moving their hips when they play music and dance, deemed scandalous -adults disapprove, intimate relationships with fans -most media approved of the beatles -1964: first number 1 in US -p
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