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MONDAY NOV 8 THNOTES Essay write opening statement short paper this is the issue this is the interpretation of it this is what this paper is going to how 2-3 sentences. Crimeean war 1854 55 -remember straights crimrea has ports Artic ocean ports only open 6 weeks of the year..russia wants to control that area to get more ports not only open for 6 weeks 19 century Victorian Marx transition to modern era legislation of health Victorians little wars idea of after napoleon and viena congress everything was peaceful was not true Britain was not peaceful expanding empire imperialism Crimean war most famous of queen victora bc conducted with bigheaded of military is capable of 600 horsemen charged into Russian cannons and only 120 survived horses starved rotton harbour horses ate tails of each other Nurse nightengale 250 000 soliders died in Crimean
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