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Lecture 2

HIS242 Lecture 2 Notes

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Helen Hatton

Lecture 2 January 9 2012 The Causes of War militarism extreme nationalism imperialism Europe rushing to take control of nonwhite parts of the world all the blame was put on Germany although Germany was not the sole cause for one there was a change in diplomacy Concert of Europe established after Napoleon was used to settle disputes and keep the peace Britain was increasing in power and wanted to be more involved Bismarcks idea of international affairsforeign policy meant that France was to be isolated the French were bitter because they were prevented from having allies Germany on the other hand had allies the alliances that Bismarck madeAustria Hungary they had secret treaties other powers decided to have secret treaties too before Europe was divided one of the causes of WW1There were two main camps Germany and Austria were on one side and they had a mutual alliance with Italy so they were called the Triple Alliance Italy was weak politically and economically and Austria was big but with massive internal problems as many nations wanted to claim independence the other side Russia and France and Britain railroads and developments of both countries mostly funded by France Brit
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