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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jerzy Borzecki

HIS250 Russian history 862-1917 September 12, 2013 The Establishment of the Kievan State; KievanRus’: A Political Outline & economics, society, institutions - Geographical context o Part of euro and asia o Mainly talk about huge area b/w 4 seas  Euro plains o Natural zones  4 major ones  North- tundra  South of tundra- taiga (north west) o Poor soil  Soil meant wealth  Middle – mixed forest o Ok soil  South- steppe / prairie ( south east) o Rich soil (black soil) o No tree because its dry o Slavs  People using Slavic  10 slavic nations  Similar language structures  Assumption: they must of all come from one group  From marshy area o No threats  Germanic tribes along southern borders  Split into 3 major groups  Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks (west slavs)  Slovenes, croats, serbs, macedonians, Bulgarians (south)  Not fighters  12 tribes o Vikings  Good sailors and fighters  Germanic  From Sweden  Longships  Oars which allowed more water to row  Don’t have to use sails  Trades  War or trade were ways to become rich  Therefore they want to be rich  Trade w/ the strong  Killed and raid the weak  The city of Constantinople  Place to sell and buy  Slave selling o Novgorod  “New fortress”  Town up north  On trade route of the Vikings to greeks  Founded by west slavs  Surrounded by east slavs  Frontier of the 3 groups  Finns=chede  West slavs= Slovenes, slavs  East slavs= kiwichans  Viking tribe in rus  Sent envoys there for ppl to protect them  Rurik o The chief of Rus  Moved to Novgorod  862 Rus moved  Rus prince is contract prince of Novgorod  Therefore does not have full powers  882 prince dies  Rurik followed by igor  Igor was 6 yrs old at the moment  Oleg represents Igor o Rule 882-915 o Not necc know his relation to Igor before representing o Until Igor is older o Moved Rus ppl to the south  Travelled down major route  to town of Kiev  closer to Constantinople  better soil  able to bypass Novgorod but not Kiev o passing fee can be enforced  captured by them  gain full power on town o no contract like when in Novgorod  tries to subjugate all east slavs o tribes would have to pay tribute to prince of rus  special tax o send men to rus tribes when there is war  special trading rights o greeks didn’t allow o greek refers to byzantine empire  911 war against greeks to gain trading rights  Did not necc win but gained
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