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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Richard White

Lecture 3 1. New France 2. English Colonies 3. FrenchEnglish Conflicts 4. Aftermath of conquest New France 1. Canada began at St. Lawrence settlement o French settlement = Canada o People living there = Canadian 2. Independent French colony for 45 generations o Had deep commitment to land o Je me ___ (I remember) owned by the King o Domain given to land lords who hires peasants to look after domain and give lord a bit of their earningprofit o No aristocrats, landlords -> church, friends etc. therefore new class * Frontier modification of metropolis 7. 1600s1700s -> wars etc. bw France, England etc. -> European wars 8. 1650 -> In Canada: Dutch, English, Spanish and Swedish settlements Acadia -> area around Atlantic shore * New France = any French settlement in Canada o Predates Canada: first place Champlain and de Monts arrived to set up fur trade claimed by British Named New ScotlandNova Scotia 1630 peace treaty -> given back to France Tried again and sent French settlers, 300 settlers by 1630 Conquered by English again in 1660s but had to give it back 9. Avalon peninsula 1600 had 300 people and it grew o 1700s population grew o British invaded many times but didnt last long o Almost no authority in Acadia Close to native community -> Mikmac words, food, cultures blending Peasants utopia Acadians didnt fish, New Englanders did -> avoid conflict * lived near water Acadians farmed Observed tidal water Dammed inflow of water Area was fertile enough
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