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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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Richard White

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Lecture 4 Aboriginal territory recognized by British needed protection => followed 11 years later by Quebec Act Old colonies from the Atlantic didnt like the creation of Quebec and Aboriginal territory bc they wanted to stand in Appalachian territory and look over Ohio it allowed Roman Catholics and Aboriginals to control the interior -> one of the things that provoked American Revolution (2 years later) = 67 years of war 1783 colonists won that war and their independence was formally recognized and became United States only British territory now is what used to be the French colonies => 2 of these: Nova Scotia and New term comes to use: British North America => part of N.A that was still British over the years had more meaning Fair number of people in Colonies didnt want to separate w Britain American society divided Rebels knew their neighbors didnt favor revolution when war done, some had even fought alongside British many felt insecure; people were assaulted and ridiculed for not wanting to be part of rebellion, houses etc. burned so they moved British told colonists that if they stayed loyal and took their side, they promised land to those who took their side closest territory was BNA and tens of thousands of Loyalists moved looking back and tracking loyalists, there were a huge range (some farmers, shoe makers
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