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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Richard White

Lecture 5 1. Canada being with arrival of Europeans, what could they have done wo Aboriginals 2. NFL -> fishery being distinctive 3. Normalconventional settlers -> migrating, economy grows, people come new society, state holders -> settler society 4. BNA territory British controlled, not all of it -> Western, HBC, Atlantic areas had mixed 5. Product of outcome of war, migration of loyalists etc. but everything was intact by 1800 and have BNA 6. 5 present day regions were 5 colonies; Upper and Lower Canada, Atlantic colonies, 7. War of 1812: British withstood American invasion 8. BNA in 1867 (?) is what became Canada after confederation 9. Changes manifesting in BNA: Changes in military activities, subject to international intellectual forces (i.e. anti slavery movement), economic changes (people getting richer) -> economy in Atlantic ____ stimulated in BNA by British empire (i.e. logging) 10. 18030s-1860s: 11. Fastest growing colony in BNA (Upper Canada?) 12. Upper Canada was pioneer society, Lower Canada was established society that changed 13. Key event in Canadian history (1970 sense in this period): rebellions of 1897 (?) in Upper and Lower Canada (moderate political violence) -> were 2 separate events which happened at the same time -> causes were the same, though there wasnt much coordination -> political grievances began to develop in response to constitutional act in 1971: C.A: o make sure people didnt get too much power o Thought people worked b
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