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Richard White

The Extraordinary Post-war Years (1950s to 1960s) 03.25.13 Reconstruction • -process of returning Canada back from war to peace -First task was to bring back all the service personal from overseas (300,000 of them) -Government was committed to provided benefits to all service personals -Process of demobilization was a disaster after world war 1, so made sure to do better after second war -This began in 1943, created national veterans affair -Collectively called the veterans Charter (1944) -Cash benefits based on the amount of years you’ve served -Gave low costs loans to start business/farms -Health insurance for a period of time -Free University tuition for the number of years you have served -Free tuition made a mass change in University enrollments -Government eventually withdrew from managing everything -Major privatization of economy. From 40% to 16% -Government made the War Time housing, and still stayed in managing the housing -Also decided to stay in the grain marketing (setting pricing, etc) -Government kept it’s hands in taxation -Government didn’t really tax before world war 2 -Ottawa collected all the taxes and then distributed in the world effort -Government continued to keep taxations and said they’ d distribute it amongst provinces -Federal government would be the only taxation government -Provinces collects the taxes, but Federal distribute it -Equalization grants; all money comes to ottawa. Poorer provinces get more money than better off provinces such as Ontario -Soviet Unions and western allies worked together to defeat the Germans. Soon after, the allies between soviet Unions and western allies diminished -Everyone
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