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Richard White

March 11 2013 Street Car Suburbs: lines were laid out in the 1890s. Physical evidence in city form all over the old cities of Central & Eastern Canada. Metaphor: significance of the period. Smaller businesses into large businesses, time of business merger. Feature of urban life = middle class urban life = shopping, performing arts, massive General Observations: How interconnected everything is, making connections some reason in this period huge immigration for the west, open up the lands huge increase in wheat and labor for resource industries, and the immigrants in there off time settle into cities, build the sewers, sidewalks everything is interconnected (causes and effects of one another). Canada was part of the Anglo American world, these technical markets providing the wealth was not a Canadian system, British & American capital being invested, technology that allowed these mines was not built in Canada, part of modern industrial world. Northern Atlantic World: Europe & North America, not all pure Canadian activity, Canada was connected to other parts of the world where technology and money came from Age of Reform: late 19 century into ww1 (1880s – 1920s) Blend of political & social history. Essentially the phenomena that created the foundation of the modern day interventionist state, because it did that it challenged the principles of private property, neoliberalism & freedom of families. Government: where it all began to intervene. Forces behind this transformation is complex, one of them is the growing cities, fact that people were living an urban lifestyle, contributing to this reform & growing industry, “social gospel” theological principle became popular in Protestant Christianity, way to be a good Christian was to attempt make social justice on earth. Not only be devoted to yourself, but to the world. 1880s- 1920s. Word Reform: fundamental challenge to the way things are, goes against the current. Reform party in 1980s good time to challenge what everyone thought. Multiple uses, but when we talk about the “Age of Reform” refers to this 30 year period. Applies to more than one type of program examples =regulation of public health, education, etc. Regulation introduced to control garbage, process and handling of food and to control disease spread,
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