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Red River Rebellion, Metis

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Fraser Mc Kee

Trouble in the west 10 terms- pick 5 or 10 minutes per responce, so a paragraph per question Background Post confederation Canada Weve constructed a nation in a difficult but rather peacemeal way British north America act in 1867 How we add chunkc of Canada to this core Issues in western Canada, where they are the focal point Two riel rebellions after the leader in 69 and 85 o Red river and northwest rebellions Provide the Amerindian and westerners in general still have griviances with the east, and western alienation in Canada 1670 king Charles the 2 grants to entrupenus a huge amount of land to conduct the fur trade, roughly the sisze of Europe hudsons bay company These adventurersentrprenurts are granted all of the land that drains into Hudson bay Thousands of aborigional people that lived there, about 50,000 Cree, obijibwa, the sault, cippewa They encountered trades, trading posts to convince those people to trade their furs at in the bay The French are pushing into the same territory from great lakes basin for furs as well the northwest company Creating conflicts in the two European companies The bay company had about 2,000 men who married into native society and recognized the value of the marrages later than the nw who supported it at the start Marriages allowed access to the trading network The Mtis people
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