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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jordana Wright

Lecture 1Geography and Historiography Geography y There is a main land and island o Mainland Vietnam Malaysia Philippines Laos Thailand etc o Island Singapore Indonesia Borneo Taiwan Brunei Bali etc y Climatedistinction between equatorial and monsoon region o It also influences history of Southeast Asia Travel and trade farming and agriculture their diet migration access to resources invasion hostile migration dominated by mountain or sea therefore not as vulnerable to mass migration such as the Mongol invasion in the way like Central Asia and Europe o Allow for sea trade merchants to travel sea routes are critical y Have valleys and rivers which provide a link of resources y Monsoons and wind system is moderate and predictable so they can affect housing climate sea travel easy to navigate o Monsoons blow from the west south heading Northeast in May to August then reverse the direction uniform and mild y Lots of rainfall land is fertile so people have a similar adaptability diet etc Building Material high degree of tradeconnection SocialCultural Commonality Reid Identifies 3 main keys y Animalistic beliefspiritsoul inhabiting all living things o ie Rivers animals plants y Role of Womeninfluence they hold prominent in descent from both mother and father marketing commercial matters running stalls keeping accounts trading y Place of Debtdetermining obligation and position This could be because their place of origin was very similar population density was never as great tend to be concentrated in trade and intense agriculture Characteristics
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