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Jordana Wright

Lecture 2Classical Kingdoms of Southeast Asia Overview y There are mainland kingdoms and island kingdomsthere are 4 mainland 3 island y Between 800 to 400CE there are 4 major powers o Kingdoms include Dai Viet Vietnam Champa Vietnam coast it was the most fragmented and least powerful Ang Kor Cambodia in lower Mikan river Pagan Burma o There is a fifth kingdom but it does not fit because it comes in as the other four crumblesAyuthaya Thailand y Common Factors thththo Rise of prominence in 10 to 11 century and by the 13 century has reached the peak of stability prosperity and territorial expansion They all want to expand and push their boundary but powers are centered in the river valleys in the south particularly where river meet the ocean ththo They come under internal and external stresses by the 13 to 14 century where they collapse Pressure leading to political turmoil o By the end of the classical period you will have 26 small autonomous independent states as the four collapseVietnam Dai Viety Under the influence of China culturally politically and sociallythey have much more information because China has left more information y It is centered around the Han red river which was conquered by China in the first century AD ththy In 7 to 8 AD in Classical period Chinese administrators in Tang dynasty established a protectorateto rule over Dai Viet and administer it at a distance owes loyalty to China tribute because it was too far local officials run the protectorate y The capital of the protectorate was called Hanoi which was not Dai Viet yet it was under Chinese rule thy In 10 century China was a dynastic collapse Tang falls leading to political instability creates vacuum where elites can establish their own kingdom y They establish an independent kingdom in Vietname Ly Dynasty was established by Ly Thai To 1009 marked the first dynasty in Vietnam Dai Viet o Crucial player of establishment was the Buddhist monks as they collaborated with warrior nobles in order to rest the kingdom from Chinese rule o They also mobilized public opinion and used the respect to convince population to support independent kingdom o Also places suited people into authority y Ly Thai To was an orphan raised and educated by Buddhist monk then put into power by Buddhist monastic position at nine He was a palace guard then elevated to become the king y Ly Thai To organizes a tax system secures his frontiers establish peace and stability in Dai Viet build peaceful relationship with China so they wont have to fight a war in immediate future y Ly Dynasty lasts until 1225CE y Three main key developments o Buddhism was integrated to aspects of leadership and civilized lifeKings perceived themselves to be governed by religious principle There was a symbolic relationship between religious and political leaders o There was a collection of indigenous spiritsAnimalism places elements spirits to protect Viet kings guardian of royal power o Relationship between Vietnam and ChinaChinese emperors said they had a mandate of heaven Vietnamese leaders also rules with Mandate from the southern kingsmake room for Vietnamese emperorVietnam still present annual gifts to China in order to maintain peace thy Tran Dynasty 1225 till 15 CE
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