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Jordana Wright

Colonialism in Southeast Asia 332011 80500 AM thAssignment due March 24 during Tutorial Use at least 3 sources one must be from the text and others has to be text from outside Problems Citation paraphraseColonialism in Southeast Asia Introduction colonialism in Southeast Asia There is a transition in southeast Asia from independent states until by the thend of the 19 century almost all states except for Thailand has been under colonial rule Motivations Commerce establish profitable monopoly Look for a market for its goods Religious motivations Expansion of their capitalism such as resources etc British expansion is going to be justified through protecting its empire in India Trade with China as China has been a great powerful nation enable trade through overland trade routes such as Burma Responses Responses on individuals and states were on a spectrum from fierce opposition to people who help colonialism It provides opportunity but also takes away opportunity Some were taken by force like Burma While others were taken through agreement like Singapore Effects thDefining the boundaries of nations In 19 century colonial powers are interested in drawing boundaries and establish formalized limits to their control thEarly 19 century when Dutch and English spheres are agreed it is still evident to present borders Key cultural and economic linkage was between Southeast Asian countries India and China During colonialism Southeast Asian countries and European countries become dependant on one another instead It is also heavy influenced by the culture and politics in the country
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