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Second World War and Decolonization in Southeast Asia 3172011 80400 AM 7Japanese troops arrive in 1942 Nationalist movement is to work with the more religious people Members of the recruit are not willing to go along with Japanese religion and spiritual practices in Indonesia Japanese regime is not having much initial success with support amongst Indonesia so they decide to look towards Sukarno as a potential alies y Putera Japanese brings Sukarno back The Japanese believe the Putera is coorperating with them Meanwhile the locals question Sukarno and pretended to go along with this movement Sukarno is working to overthrow the Japanese regime at the same time he was in power in the puppet regime They abolish the Putera within a year but keeps Sukarno in charge of Indonesia y Sukarnos five points There are 5 key values that he believes as a foundation Nationalism InternationalismSeeing Indonesia as a community of Nations Not to become isolationism Principle of consentthat the idea that people in Indonesia must cooperate with the government Social justiceensure equal rights protection of property opportunities for education ensure citizens have the opportunity for development 8Struggle for Independence 194549 Indonesia did not want to accept the independence Indonesia nationalist granted that they were a republic of Indonesia Between 194549 the regime was fighting off the Dutch trying to come back no one wanted the Dutch back in power The communist inside Indonesia were trying to overthrow with a cout At this point nationalist were willing to negotiate with the Dutch however making it an non negotiatable thing to make Indonesia is independent y The Lingadjati agreement Dutch response Less than 3 months after the agreement is satisfied the Dutch attacked places help by Indonesia
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