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In Search for a New Order; imperial Reform & Political Revolution Empire building - Whither Japan? - Social Darwinism  Racial & civilizational hierarchy  Upward mobility in the international system - Hokkaido & the Northern Islands (1870s) - Ryukyu Islands (1879) - Korea (1895)  Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) - Taiwan (1895) From Empire to Nation - 100 Days Reform (1898)  Empress Dowager Cixi vs. Guangxu  Coup d’état - Boxer Rebellion (1900-01) - Local discontents & the rise of anti-Manchu - Sentiment & Chinese nationalism - Racism & the reconstitution of the Qing polity Imperialist Expansions - Russo-Japanese war (1904-05) - Qing imperial ambitions - Neither Japan nor China were merely victims of Western imperialism Political & Institutional Reforms - Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) - “New Policy” Reforms (1900-11)  Meiji style institutional reforms westernization, copyca
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