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Tong Lam

Focus on today’s readings to help for the document analysis of the final - Liu Shaoqi - Lin Biao - Deng Xiaoping Postwar China Rise of Communism and the People’s Republic of China - Communism and the narrative of liberation  Liberated from  1) Feudalism ~ Marxism, China not really feudalism at that time, the real time should be the Confucian  2) Capitalism  3) Imperialism  New political subjectivity In 1949, the Nationalism was defeated by the Communism and reformed in Taiwan - “The dictatorship of the proletariat”  Class struggle - “Anew society”  The Masses – classless  Land reform  Unit (danwei) - social identity belonged to unit, e.g.: teacher belonged to the school  Household registration  Planned economy - Red experts / Party cadre / a new political Class Compare the Revolution of 1911 and the Communist Revolution: - Communist Revolution was a social revolution - 1911 Revolution was a political revolution - Both revolution were led by intellectuals People’s Republic of China (1949 - now) - Political consideration  Territories and peoples inherited from the Qing  Multiethnic nation-state (55 + 1 =1) Chinese Communism and the Cold War - Mutual fear and distrust - Korean War (1950-1953) and a divided Korea - Ashortcut to modernity & an alternative modernity  “Surpassing the United Kingdom and the United States” The Communist revolution was supposed to be a worldwide revolution that would also get rid of all nation-states. True. Communism and Nationalism - National liberation - Sino-Soviet rift/split (late 1950s)  Nikita Khrushchev’s polic
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