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His284H5-Lec 5 Cultural "evolution" and Okinawa

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sherry Fukuzawa

- Industrial evolution instead of revolution - Nation state as a essential unit...natural form - The EU is not a nation state, works better then nation state, more powerful politically and economically - An existence of a centralized government over a large land mass - So EU is catching up to china - Song dynasty; engine for growth - Transport and agriculture - 1100 for example, china had the best economy - China's economy had the platform to develop first during the new trade (new world silver) - Europe only started developing in the 1500s - Lower yang zi river was probably ahead in development - Wages was not a thing in china - The Great Divergence (why did europe pull ahead of the asian empires of the tokugawa and the Qing) - Traditional timing (1600s), but more current timing (1900s) because prior to that china was more prosperous. Some ppl said it's cultural thing-confusian exams and the renascence - Weakening Qing - Sino Japanese war- aug 1894 formal declaration of war over korea - Could not match the rapid growth of Japan - They were however defeated after losing 5 ships - in Pyongyang they lost - And japan marches to manchuria - Everyone was massacred at port arthur - China lost all ships...japan lost none - So they decided to go after beijing - China decided to try a peaceful resolution - Forced into treaty - Given parts to Taiwan and port Arthur - Like the unfair treaties - wanted more- but assassination of the negotiator that japan softened - Korea became colony of japan - Japan recognized as a rising world power - 150 million dollars from china under the treaty - China lost about 3 times the ppl during battle but cholera killed a bunch of japanese - At no time did the manchu exceed 1% of population - But they were super rich and owned the most land - But towards the end the rulers sucked...and were more involved with drama and gosip - So left power to eunuchs and officers...and the dowager - Corruption, low rates of wages to officials made them more susceptible to bribes - Banner man lost military skills because they were at peace - At 1950...ppl in military was less then half of what was written on the books - Inflation! - Deteration of living conditions and natural disasters = lost of mandate of heaven - And there are ming rebeliest at work... - Boxer rebellion (1899-1901) - Strongly anti-foreign (manchu as well) - Secret societies at the time (sometime dramatic and sometimes not) - Righteous and harmonious fists: westerns called them boxers cause they practiced qigong and taiji - Practiced magical arts (spiritual) - They claimed they could fly - Called foreigners gui zi (demons) - Thought they were invulnerable to weapons - Pretended to be loyal to the emperor but was actually trying to over throw them - Were very against Christens - Rebelling failed but stimulated chinese pr
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