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His284H5-Lec 3 early modern China

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Sherry Fukuzawa

- During the early Qing or possibly late ming - Japan - Emperor was symbolic - Daimyo (states/regional lord) ruled -political and economic - 24 daimyo were fighting - Commerce flourished - Oda Nobunaga (1523-82) - Won over a much stronger daimyo...better weapons (fire arms) and new techniques - Buddhist bad for nobunaga (ex. Christian crusade) - Kill everyone involved with buddhists - Samurai (a social class, and had to be born into it)-social and military - Very honourable - Deal w/ everyday issues - Tried to unite the country very violently (a typical product of his day) - 1582-fire broke out because his general betrayed him - Hideyoshi (another general) killed the betrayer and took over power and finished what nobunaga started - Hideyoshi - A peasant and worked up the classes and sealed off the moving up of class - Collected all weapons so no one can fight back - 1592 invaded korea but was trying to invade ming china - Won over korea (unprepared) but was stopped by ming army - Yi soon shin (korean general/naval commander) - Iron plated ships (almost immune gun fire) - 1597 another invasion (140 000 jap soldiers) due to bad communications - Hideyoshi dies and the daimyo fight for power - Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542-1616) wins fight and moves capital to Edo - Art began to developed when peace occurred - Merchant class grew - 1612 shogun at the time banned Christianity (1% during hideyoshi...because they thought it was a type of Buddhist) - Due to fear of invasion because of christian military might - Shogun (administrator for the daimyo...a bit complicated)-military and admin - Korea - Joseon or choson dynasty (1392-1910) longest dynasty - Yi song-bye founded the joseon - Was in conflict with northern nomadic tribes (manchu for example) - But most conflict was resolved - Confusium rose - Class: king, Yang ban (aristocracy or scholarly class), peasants, and out casts - Merchant class rose and bought into the yang ban - Yangban started to gain more power - Education and art and med was very important at the time
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