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His284H5- Lec 8 Communism and Ppl's republic......WW2

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Sherry Fukuzawa

1 - Why did the US get involved? 1 - Depression, colonies...cold war dynamic (30s) 2 - Trying to get power from eastern part of world to defend from russia - Japanese and Chinese Canadians volunteered to fight for Canada's interest - Japanese prisoners of war was very heavy - Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Bushido/honour of warriors 1 - Follower mentality among military and citizens 2 - Rise in fascism and dictorship in other places as well 3 - No one can morally say that Japan can't have a colony because other countries like England and Russia ect...already did this - Democratic movement, had to be suppressed before war - Universal declaration of human rights - Militarism (1984-china declare war) 1 - Tried to escape responsibilities to international laws by saying they are accidents - Racism and sexism 1 - Lead to rape and torture - USA took primary occupation of Japan after war 1 - Asian ppl who suffered most under Japanese imperial movement had nothing to do with japan (ppl impacted by this was only secondary) - Tokyo trails/tribunal 1 - 3 categories of war crimes - Against Peace, conventional war crimes and humanity - All imprisoned were released eventually, no more then 11Y - 25 found guilty out of 28 - 50 eligit war criminals were released...war crimes were ignored - War crimes done against asians were mainly ignored - Didn't make sense for US to be upset against japan cause they wanted it - Peace treaty with japan...china and korea wasn't even invited - Cold war climate of fear, japan's textbooks war crimes were mainly omitted 1 - Young japs don't know what really happened during the war 2 - But other citizens want government to take responsibilities - Hong kong's war vets in canada campaigned for rights...but were denied at first because of the peace treaties 1 - Eventually 18dollars a day for every day they were trapped 2 - Vets were still bitter mainly cause japan didn't acknowledge only Canada - Everybody except Japan acknowledged - Comfort women 1 - Removement for address 2 - Jap government first denied at first...then docs were reviewed 3 - Attoinment was private donations...and the government hasn't fully tried 4 - 20y rule 5 - Your apologies were inatiquet...Japan did not suffer economically...state cannot cover for indi rights - Occupation of Japan 1 - D-day: scap (superium captain of the allied powers) had to move to japan to insure 2 - They were gonna give korea to soviets 3 - Scap got japan 4 - China and got taiwain and another small island 5 - Truman's distrust of SU... 6 - Japan was supposed to be split more evenly but it didn't happen 7 - 150 us personnel flew to japan prefecture...put laws to effect. - No allied are not to abuse japs, or eat their food or no flying the flag - Jap instrument of surrender - Scap ordered the emperor to make radio broadcast - First thing scap did was feed ppl...has to appear as good... - Jap emperor with scap... - Emperor looks normal, wearing a western suit - Scap wasn't dressed formally...and didn't stand straight - 350 us personnel in japan - Dispossel of japan's war reserves - Post war japan was pretty hectic ...resource cut off...bad crops - Postitution, depression ect - Shikata ga nai (nothing can be done) general vibe of time - Out comes of US occupation - Department (article 9) - No army to attack another country - In a decade US was pressuring them to make an army - Military: 1% of Gross National product traditionally - Liberalization (an economy that would support free market trade) - Lost momentum - Focus on 3rd thing: agriculture reforms - Broke done zagatsu (because government has little control in economics) - 38% of land mass...and sold it for cheap to farmers - Sounds like ccp's land reforms - Abolish shinto religion: made official in meiji - Prohibited teachings that seemed militaritic and nationalistic - Gave women rights to vote - Simplified language in the 1940s - Purging of war criminals - The emperor and princes were suspected of war crimes but weren't tried...and unit 31 also - Because they wanted the new techs - Increased rape in japan (there own comfort women) - Censorship - Dismantlement of good and bad - 1950s Korean war 1 - At end of WW2, SU had set up communist government 2 - Kim il sung... 3 - Americans "liberated" south under syngmun Kha 4 - Who would rule? Seperation was supposed to be
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