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Lecture 2

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Tong Lam

Knowledge and Political Order Ancient China in Transition Central States  What is the relationship between knowledge and political order? The World of Kingdoms  Xia (2200s-1800s B.C.E.) ??? o Significant because people make claims based on this moment  No real solid evidence or records  Origin of the Chinese state  The central question isn’t if it existed, but why and how people make claims on it  Shang (c. 1700-1046 B.C.E.) o Evidence from this time period o Oracle bones  Turtle and ox bones that have inscriptions on it, records of the time period  A majority portion of them were created for ritual purpose  Zhou (1045-256 B.C.E.) o Not enough details, it’s suspicious because it lasted a long time with little records o Spring and Autumn Period (770-453 B.C.E.)  Named because of historical texts refer to it as this time o The Warring States (770 481-221 B.C.E.) Oracle bones  Shows a compact political structure that we can refer to a dynasty  Majority of the bones feature an inscription for ritual purposes  Gives a sense of certainty and legitimacy  Gives a political and theological explanation for war The Spring and Autumn Period (770-481 B.C.E.) and the Warring States (481-221 B.C.E)  War and society o The changing technique of warfare  Can’t just rely on cracking bones alone, they needed to advanced technology as well  Chariots and infantry  The mobilizatio
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