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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - World together, World apart

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Tong Lam

World together, World apart Silk Road  The myth about China’s isolation  A global movement material goods and ideas  Buddhism  Remains of communities can be found todays  The Great Wall contributed to the myth of China’s isolation o China has always been an open empire o There was never physical or political boundaries  The 12 century was the peak of this network  The Mongol empire unified a huge, diverse, territory o Extremely cosmopolites China as an open empire  Nomadic vs. Sedentary societies o Nomadic life was the only option up north due to the environment o Soil didn’t allow for planting  Periodical raids by the nomadic groups o Great wall was never effective  Mongols had to go past the wall, they had no choice  Caused constant conflict o Mongols were first to defeat the Chinese o Every time a foreign power defeated the Chinese they took wealth  The Mongols found the Chinese bureaucratic system effective  They were unable to carry archives due to their nomadic lifestyle  The Mongol empire integrated with the Chinese, it became a Eurasian empire  Genghis Khan (1155-1227)  The Mongol Empire (1271-1368) / The Yuan Dynasty o The Mongols wanted the Chinese to believe they were just another dynasty o Early empires knew how to deal with difference, they didn’t force everyone to follow a certain lifestyle  Marco Polo’s stories may have been fiction, or just tales he heard, there’s not enough evidence The Ming Maritime Empire Ming Empire (1368-1644)  Northern trade route was blocked by the Mongol
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