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Erin Black

thFebruary 6 2014Peaceful Coexistence vs deepening tensions BerlinCubaPeaceful Coexistence Making sure the Soviet Union wasnt spending the bulk of their money on arms race he understood support for socialism may evaporate Peaceful coexistence comes from 1 Khrushchevs Secret Speech the text of this was not supposed to become public Congress is the first time its convened since Soviets death his time as new leader to lay off his vision To the shock he denounced Stalinism the exploitative totalitarian nature he the part of personality around himself make the Soviet Union all about Stalin When the text becomes public it blows Maus mind because hes doing everything Stalin was doing The second thing after denouncing Stalin is the doctrine of inevitable conflict of communist and imperialism he says its stupid doesnt have to be inevitable conflict the contradictions need not produce wars there is a chance the USand SU can coexist peacefully Still thinks that communist will win show the world its better system More than one way to achieve victory third theme in speech Soviet Union need not to tell the communist parties in their bloc what to do They should be encouraged to adapt to local conditions whats the reality than denouncing Stalin and suggesting local communist party could function autonomous he contradicts when there is an uprising in Hungary he sends in tanks to put down uprising says one thing and does another Why the Eisenhower administration had decided that the new leader new dress same girl still talking to each other Kruschchev is going to visit the US Big issues challenging the existence2 Challenges to peaceful coexistence a issue of divided Germany more particularly a divided Berlinarms race in strategic nuclear arms raceAsymmetrical Germanys sort of accepted that there is two Germanys but there are different capabilities strengths in military and government between West and East West twice as large 3x the population 5x industrial output appears to give west Germany to inter affairs in Europe more people bigger better economy That economy is important referred to as a miracle big recovery after World War Two Huge standards of living in EastWest Germany Political asymmetry West Germany chose their own government East Germany no free elections since 1946 Authoritarian government with lower standard of living Economic politics material its in the favor of West Germany Military though in East Germany they have a bigger land army due to the Warsaw Pac This is a problem two Germanys unequal and Berlin problem because its divided but this divided city because it exists inside the east German state Even though they both were forming the border was closed off the west still have access to Berlin which makes it possible for Germans to travel backforth Access was guaranteed in the protocol problem asymmetry as Germany as a whole applies to Berlin obvious to East that life is better in the West zone Berlin becomes a channel where East Germans escape refugee problem people leaving East Germany for the west and because the access route is open
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