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Erin Black

In Competition for Europe Drawing Cold War LinesLast class based on common enemy distrust amongst the allies SU left out of atomic bombSU spying on them Even problemsdifferent vision some sense of both sides even after change of leadership there may be some hope for cooperation end of 1945 clear global war in placeHow did the cold war happen Have to look at the nature of the world1 The World in 1945First time TrumanStalin will meet Churchill some part and his party was not elected again Prior to start TrumanChurchill would tour the Berlin to see the ruins The world in 1945much of Europe was devastationdestruction a lot of rebuilding necessaryhow will it take effect 75 of the city of Berlin in ruin transportation system had been destroyed industrial plants were incapable of functioning Untreated sewage was in the water ways A lot of the people were hungry lack of food Britain London severely damaged 20 of France infrastructure was destroyed Italy major cities electrical gas water system was in ruin Agricultural production in Italy was down 50 In Poland Greece 80 of the railways were incapable of operation 1 million homeless SU experienced damage 40000 miles of railroad not functioning almost all industrial plants had been destroyed Agricultural production was down half Low end 55 million died high end 70 million SU 21 million died Poland Germany Austria 6 million China 10 million Japan 25 million 200000 due from atomic bombs USA 420000 lost Legacies Bequeathed by ww2 to the international system the impact it would have to come is the 1 redistribution of power defeat of Germany leaves it up for Europe and defeat of Japan leaves it up in Asia SUUSA only countries able to control for the power The two poles not equal asymmetry of power SU needs to rebuild SU larger army USA atomic bomb at this time only one both capable but cant do it right now2 Destruction of the economy necessary rebuilding of the economies not just individual of Germany Britain they need to be rebuilt but also the flow of international commercetrade all of it stopped during 1930s due to great depression made countries turn inwards started to shut down international tradecommerce Larger economy to rebuild3 Domestic political turmoil due to the war government of the countries that had been in power were questioned due to the world discredited and distrusted socialist communist and leftist movements are on the rise many of the people who were part of the socialistic parties had fought in resistant movements some argued that capitalist powers were the reason for the warrespect to GP the first country to pull out of depression was the SU which Stalin said cause he said it was socialist economy strength of leftist countries was growing all across Europe from Stalin woo from USA bad troubled by how supportive socialism is4 disintegration of empires most of these countries wanted to maintain their empire but were hard to do people in these empires of Southeast Asia Africa are trying to get independence because USA through war FDR four freedoms selfdetermination anticolonial movement
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