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Erin Black

Asiathe Expansion of the Cold War January 23 2014How did you end up with two Germanys talk about the road to the two Germanys argue an understanding how we got there whats driving a b c last name date of lectureThe Question of JapanOccupation of Japan was solely Americas responsible Torn how to treat Japan some thinks it should be harsh so they cant rise but keep in mind they bombed Pearl Harbor personal for them Ultimate plan was to rebuild it not a difficult process the Japanese people were open to the occupation towards the end of the war certain segments of the population had a backlash against the emperor militarism some relieved the war was over Goals 1 demilitarization series of purge trials that are held to convict high members of military Japanese have a particular unit 3731 biological warfare were stripped of authority some were sent to the USA to work high level administers lost their jobs since they knew less about the Japanese than it did about the Germans they had to rely on Japanese themselves the middle level bureaucrats were left2 democratization as much as possible demystify the emperor hes looked at as divine figure head but authority isnt heaven directed meet with ordinary people dress ordinary this is necessary for him to stay He becomes nothing more than a figure head American lawyers work to draft a new constitution1947 constitution US army lawyers written by them presented them to the emperor constitution describes him as a symbol sovereignty lies with the Japanese themselves titles of nobility abolished house of representatives directly elected by the people set up system similar to USA independent Judiciary trade unions given the right to organize emphasis on human rights on constitutionEquality between menwomen article 9 forever renounce war the land sea air forces will not be maintained Small military for selfdefense so they cant become a military threat goes for demilitarization by writing it in the constitution 3 economic reform attempting in the first couple years to open up the Japanese economy the same principles that guide the American Prior to the war it was dominant by zibotus big corporations broken up to allow more opportunity in the economy to get a free market Large land holdings broken up sub divided to make many small farms make a economic opportunity available couple years later 1947 general sense of economic crisis reconstruction needs to be done as the damage done to Japan fire bombing etc food low high inflation low industrial output cold war had started to take firm in Europe Their financial crisis is being addressed by the Marshall Plan economic economy needed to be sustained to resist communism influence Asia thought China would be a piller of stability Belief starts to develop in USA that just as Europe needs a selfsustaining Germany to reunite them bi zonia to fend off communism advances they start to think Japan will need this piller for asia
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