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Kevin P.Coleman

April 2, 2013 236-246 “the temporality of what is to come…” The revolution results in a counter revolution The linear progrgession BM argues (pg. 236, 6 lines from the top. Start the sentence before this ‘To delimit the multitude.’ And continue a little after that) -stepping into the perhaps. MAYBE this, MAYBE that, MAYBE we conivince the govt. improve their rights. Stepping into the unknown. BM calls this ‘benevolence’ where he doesn’t agree with hardt and NEgri’s that the multitude will work no matter what, the multitude can be a major success or fcan be wickedly bad. The multitude gets co-opted, converted, pulled into, a state project like peron. The multitude creates change by a process: Breaks free makes demands  power reacts and reincorporates some of these demands  starts over When the multidue goes bad does it conintue to be part of the multitude? Mutltidue: definition: the collective historical subject (i.e a collection of ppl acting together). Pg. 228 defining multitude in the most consice. Radical groups are part of the multitude, t
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