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Haitains quit growing sugar revolution didnt want to grow sugar anymore Rely on slave labor Revolution leader living in the usa gets killed by the Spanish and that general The movement for independence lives on the general is significant because he tries to put down this independence movement with an iron fist what starts to happen resentment among the people US press is priming the public to invade cuba yellow journalism human rights abuses etc press is priming the American public for an invasion the maine to hell with spain the maine blows up uses it as a pretext to invade cuba 2 things boombust economy capitalism going for the search of more markets Eliminate the boom and bust cycle and manifest destiny americans have it idea of taming the frontier slowly spread the USA way to atlantic to pacific ocean Idea of rugged individual to civilize the barbaric frontier Idea that the americans want to go to other places the American way US Teller amendment Killing Zone who are the major players in US foreign policy towards LA What are the major policies and in what context do they develop the great depression ww1ww2 cold war NC68 this is a secret document only released in 1970s the document doctrine of containment central to US foreign policy towards LA ideology underpinning political behavior invisions what is communism document ideology of foreign policy US goes into Cuba believe Cubans should have independence Cubans know whats going on US wants to set up a protector in Cuba bepuppet master in Cuba Cuban military cleaning up against the military famous battles takes place in San Lan Hill romatic imagination Roosevelt teddy Roosevelt future president of the USA has American athletes ivy league students African American students takes the Spanish outpost American flag immortalized in history thOne of the last battles 1898 Cuban independence in early 20 century dubious post independence period begin under USA occupation Independent but not really us acts under this idea of enlighten intervention when the USA invades it begins to do crazy things like schools roads sewers telegraph systems Bring the Cubans in the sphere of influence in the USA government encourages the Cubans to write up their own constitution Do they give them control over creating it no allow Cubans to write the constitution provision that guarantees them a thright There needs to be 11 right that we can intervene when we want Platt amendment Cuban constitution guarantees usa can intervene in politics in cuba whenever and however it wants to Becomes dependent on the USA usa can intervene in domestic politics how does it insinuate itself in cuba Another clause in the Cuban constitution guarantees lease rights In guentaneba bay imperialism Having an amendment is cheaper than making cuba a colony of the usa Usa occupation 3 aspects goals first cuba is to be a self governing protector idea that cuba should be self governing territory so usa doesnt have to use tax payer money americans hate to give taxes pays off Cuban soliders that are hungry and poor afro Cubans that played a role in the war asked to leave the military completely composed completely of white Cuban nationals what are they guarding Usa creates a national guard American property to protect the us companies that are gunna move there 2 usa promotes economic recovery all the fields sugar that are destroyed during the war the entire infrastructure is repaired usa is an enlighted
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