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Plan of San Luis PotosiSection 1 Terms Short Answer Part of Exam options Long AnswerPlan of San Luis Potosi Growth of Hensientes control most of the resources large plantations control all of the land Portfolio Diaz regime the growingwiding gap between the rich and the poor By in large the Diaz greater polarization in wealth a lot of people who own a whole lot of resourcesthose who dont own all that much Central reasons for discontent at the end of Diaz regime not really democratic been in power for 30 years Scientific principles to government they come with these assumptions of society The military needs to consolidate his power like a tyrant restructures the military to make it more loyal to him Discontentant at the end of his regime general discontent at the working classthe end of his regime What triggers the Mexican Revolution that triggers the Revolution Supports labor unions embracing social revolutions Madero is a poor politician he alienates his supporters particularly some of those that got him elected in 1911 His vision of this revolution is a moderate one when the revolutions start they want moderate reforms What we see is coming to the fort the part of Counter revolution period of radicalism a rise of a strong man for moderate reforms The next phase is calling for political change thanPlan of San He never even mentions of getting rid of the scientificos or reducing the role of the military domestic life Hes vague on the reforms hes going to make Hes making vague promises were going to get rid of diaz have good reforms hes talking about reforming the political system He says he is idealistic sympathy for workers he doesnt tell anyone what hes going to do revolution ra ra doesnt get into specifics When we talk about the Mexican revolution we need to keep in mindMexican revolution is complicated lots of actors battles Revolution is starting in the north of mexico and historian point to the state of Chihuahua the bed rock of the revolution why more discontent Land distribution handful of people that own vast majority of the land Guy who owns 10000 miles in mexico are living in Chihuahua few people own everything and everyone else own nothing Lots of labor unrest and land problems Some of the most visible symbols of repression under Diaz were there in Chihuahu how the government gives the stick No one like tarrasez and those people who own everything and everyone else owns nothing Its these sort of issues that are coming to the front during the Mexican revolution
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