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What are the causes of independenceEnlightenment pre industrial practices urban reform creoleslimited monarchy 7 years war strain on colonies First phase Locke Smith Suarezphilosophers who inspired it Enlightenment most important ideological intellectual movement why is it important Two phases page 9 of text The independence movements is a paradox the independent movements came to Latin America on the one hand the influence of all the great writers John LockeAdam Smith pushing towards a free market and liberty liberating markets from the structures of mercantilisms Smith liberation of these economies how the economy should be governed by the invisible handliberation men will be able to reach their full potential Running the economy Locke contractual government social contract in state of nature people have certain rights given at birth your born with these rights what rights Right to your life cannot give it up life liberty liberty cant be taken or your property If there government doesnt protect their property or their liberty according to the social contract have duty to revolt Political resistance Francisco Suarez thSpanish theorist articulating ideas of natural rights in 16 century important political theorist rights of individuals Francisco Suarez starts talking about natural human rights Locke borrows these ideas later role of resistance in political society Allowed to kill their monarch Idea of enlightenment one monarch who rules to his own reason and gives authority to advisors enlightened despotism one absolute monarch ruled according to reason The government should be run efficiently accountability idea is to raise government revenue provide resources to the people These two dont match up how do they clash one hand about giving power to the people catalyst for individual rightsforms of basis for democracy ideas of lockeet is about protecting liberty if the government doesnt do this they can kill the king on the other phase the enlightenment despotism tyranny of one king rule according to reason government is supposed to be efficient about the common good but it still goes against peoples individual rights One king ruling over hes people the king is an absolutist One king but also enlightenment but they think its about rationality and giving all the power to the monarch to rule completely but at the same time to rule for the benefit of the people Paradox leads to the independence movements Bourbon Reforms king acting tyrannically but for the benefit of the people manifestation of this paradox Consolidation of the Spanish empire they start reforming Latin America we are going to rule the colonies they have military reforms pg 13 Maybe we need to rationalize the military staffed by adequate people but this leads to independence start to staff the army with those people who were born in the new world They rise up against the upper level what there doing is creating future patriot armies Creoles already there and they will feel more allegiance to their own land makes perfect sent enlighten desmontism instead of making a stronger army they are creating future patriot armies Free trade disaster leads to independence Intendancy system 17 we need to remodel the system of government carve latin America into different provinces have
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