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Petrarch 13041374How protestant became a popular religion what are they choosing them they chose protestant Conversion process to protestant Old tradition model all the conversion stories apply to Mart Luther changes mind all of a sudden Traditional modelconversion happens what is this new conversion model that he puts forward long drawn out all of a sudden is conversion the new model is a long and complex process of religious conversionNot all of a sudden like historians have traditionally saw Idea tearan anatomy of commitment awareness understanding Not just looking at this from the perspective of the intellectual elites He talks about how conversion process takes place with a social context In which people are converting to protestant Why people would convert to be a protestant why would people convert to protestant changing their religion trying to get you to change Persuade people to changeThe conversion individual leveldouble process of commitmentIndividualcommunityhes providing an incite full account for converting to protestant Doesnt answer why people embrace protestant Talking about peoples religious conversion older idea of conversion goes back to the idea of divine inspired religion Chapter 2 Why would preaching be such an important aspect of reformation process in the early modern era Preaching is the number one way to reach the wider public different ways to appeal to be Preaching be problematic going out in the wildernesspreaching worried about the catholic church problems of interpretation people interpret information different from ho
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