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Two types of reformation magis reformation reformation led by the support of the aristocracy Magisterial reformation by the aristocracy and the KingThe other type is radical reformation is led by the people Magisterial reformation by the King through the government like the Lutheran churchs and the holy roman empire the Calvin churches in Switzerland Luther dependent on the Kings for shelter created reformation through their town councils Magisterial reformation is like the mainstream reformation sanction of the government by the secular powers The government gives the reformers legitimacy the state helps the reformation The reformers arent going against the powers of the state they are working through the state to create reformation Protestant reformation is political big implications on politics One of the central problems it the issue of political order how can you disobey the power of the Holy Roman Empire Stands for power of the state power of Christianity how can you disobey these things Luther resisted the power of the Catholic church disobeyed devine power how can you do this while creating political stability Major problems the reformers had to deal with reform the church but maintain political stability disobey authority the same with Luther did but maintain stability Sanctions the religious reformation no threat of social anarchy political chaos when the princes are in charge lawful authority is directing how its playing out How do you maintain political stability at the same time disobey power of the church and the holy roman empire LutherBrings up radical ideas the protestant reformation is destabilizing ideas freedom of a Christian liberty well outside the boundaries of normal political conduct if they are in down with rational reason Martin Luther freedom of a Christian is destabilizing Every man is their own priest direct relationship with god unmediated by the church salvation from faith alone is radical In 1520 Luther argues people can make up their own ideas dont need an institution of the church to mediate the relationship with god How can one have coherent stable society and believe what you want how do you have a stable society circulating among the people 5 Maxims of the Protestant reformationSola Scriptura bible is the sole source of salvation Lutheran idea CC draws on over 1500 years of catholic tradition church fathers church laws scripture To rival ideologies how do you attain salvation going to suggest two different ways Luther is going to argue the bible is the sole scripture you need to have faith A lot of tradition like St Augustine natural law the church draws on that tradition and its own law theology that has been passed down 100s of years Church also draws on scriptures achieving salvation many different ways to base their theology Protestant is going to say cut out the church fathers laws sole scripture the bible alone is all you need to inform you religious beliefs How do we know what we knowSola Gratia salvation comes from divine favor its unearned and nothing done in this world can change that Calvin is going to develop this idea Sola Fide Faith is the only thing necessary for salvation one does not have to do good works in order to achieve salvation faith alone Catholic church thinks youre an active agent you can do good works that will get you to salvation you have say in all this
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