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Richard White

HIS358 Lecture 7 History by the decade? Lester Pearson as PM - relations to Quebec - had minimal success – only won two elections (1963/1965) o only secured a minority victory - was a diplomat before he was prime minister o one of the earliest appointees o very successful career - managed to avoid the war over the Suez Canal – for this given the Nobel Prize for Peace - open to the modern world (open to the United States in a way that Diefenbaker was not) o was able to get along with Kennedy (president of the United States) - established better relations with the Governor of Quebec (better than Diefenbaker) - co-operative federalism – what his time in office is referred to o federal government did what Quebec wanted it to do (co-operative in that way) o all within the constitution - dispute and resolution over creation of new Canada pension plan (CPP) o major programs introduced in rapid fire generation o these are the years that federal welfare state being created o Quebec didn’t want to take part in Canada pension plan.. wanted their own, provincially o Wanted to use pool of capital for their provincial interest (why Quebec didn’t want to join CPP.. because then Ottawa would control it)  Pearson relented, that Quebec could have and run its own QPP - Quebec government also wanted more taxing powers o Pearson government did not allow them o Basic conflict on this issue didn’t go away
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