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University of Toronto Mississauga
Rima Berns- Mc Gown

Lecture 7 – Exile, Language and Displacement Lost in Translation  Arrived to Vancouver when she was thirteen years old. At this time, you are extremely uncomfortable with your body. It is a big movement  Exile from her original homeland. To become part of the community, she became the ultimate and thus when she connected to Canada; she lost her culture of being Polish.  She feels like she needs to control the English language and has to know everything down and proper. She believed that she could only become a native Canadian citizen if she can do that properly. o She needed to recreate herself through language and her sense of who she was and who she could be.  When she was in Poland, she was supposed to be an established musician and she was robbed from this. On this side of the Atlantic, no one cared about her ability of playing the piano. This was extremely important and was the social capital in Poland. o During the 1950’s Vancouver did not seem as if it was a classical cultural pursuit. In this case, she thought she was no longer beautiful because she did not matter anymore. What had been seen as beautiful back home became clumsy and elephant-like. o She had hairy arm-pits, needed to redress and conform to become “a woman”  Now she has to think about what she needs to do. She continues to think of herself as an alien and also cannot stand language that is not spoken properly. She needs to reimagine herself.  She will always be at one level living the split vision life
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