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Toronto and the GTA

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Richard White

October 31 2011Montreal was still the dominant Metropolitan city of CanadaMetropolitan dominance said to have different phases a Transportation b Financial cd Article I Servicing the CityToronto increase in dominance and size Population grows because Create two churches looks Ukrainian from outside but not so from of the Metropolitan dominanceinsideAcres of residential land Dont see them anywhere else Dont see Strategy for integrating the main angle of Torontoethnic neighbourhood of this scale anywhere elseEthnic community gives a certain sense of comfortsecurityThere are schools and playgrounds every corner This density of Desire to integrate and desire for securitysocial services not seen anywhere elseThese ethnic neighbourhoods were never strictly definedBigness creates the social and physical TorontoJunction multiethnic maybe class neighbourhood ethnicity class Reform that began in the early years carried on 1930 coherent and religionperiod of growthWe presume large cities have ethnic backgrounds1920s few features that are differentAccess of Time might be Jewish for a period of time and then move Welfare state created during and after WWIIonStreets and sidewalks being built Sewers were built to divert the In 1900 91 British population Today Toronto is multicultural sewage Policing expenditures went up due to the increasing use of Because of overcrowding and old derelict buildings it attracted the automobilesPublic Health ReformersFire fightings cost went up More water pressure to put out the fireAlso attracted the Moral reformers due to its foreignnessImproved iron intake in water way beyond the Harbour Eastern Somewhere in the middle there is a blend of Public Health and Moral part 1920ReformToronto hydro created in 1907Seen in neglected children seen as inappropriate by middle class Street railway as of 1921 TTC was created Major shift in public peoplepolicyMindset of the slum why improve residential place when you know City had considered taking over but it did not instead it made major in a few years its going to be demolished demandsImmigrants went there because of 1 Low cost residential serviceThe whole thing was made public in 19202 walk to work sew at EatonsMore parks playgrounds schools public libraries school services etcJewish people
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