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Toronto and the GTA

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Richard White

November 07 2011The ward was going through a transformation not much of a Depressionresidential area anymore but more of an industrial oneConcluded with the end of the boom areasWilliam Allen was the most successful merchant in the York Supreme building in Ottawa has a chateau stylegothic Region Moss ParkConsidered important for Canadas national architectureCost of policing vastly increased by motor vehicleArticle I Torontos Response to the Outbreak of WarIn 1931 17 of the population in Toronto were unemployed BySeptember 1939 WWII British declared war Before Canada was1933 it rose to 30automatically included but that was no longer the case as Canada The whole thing collapses and suddenly everything dries upwas no longer a part of the British parliament Mackenzie decided Average percentage of unemployment was higher in Canada to have a voteclose to 100Since the city was heavily British therefore supported the The people who were most affected less secure jobs no savings declaration of warno financially secure family membersFocused particularly on the military people signing up for the If one had assets they were able to get through thiswarIn early 1930s lots of people living in hardships Social strains Distinction between Malaysia since most Malaysians were not emerged because of all this troublepaid but voluntary not an active soldier1930s open expression of AntiSemitismAccording to the NonPermanent Act of Malaysia NPAM they Riot of Christie Pits Baseball game organized in two playgrounds had a choice and enlisting in active service was not forcedOne of the teams had young adult Jews After the game the If the Malaysians choose active service then thats a clear Swastika was pulled out and a fight issued that went on for six indication about the warhours and the police had to be called It happened during the Military cynicism of Mackenzie He promised that Canadians depression and was inspired by activities in Germanywould not be compelled to serve overseas but maybe domesticHistory of labour conflict Nasty strike in Oshawa GM strike in Serious soldiers felt Canada should commit If not that displayed 1945irresponsible leadership on Canadas partTwo major consequences Extremely high 8090 of Malaysian sol
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