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Richard White

Lecture 3  Land claim… o Just one man, or a bunch of people fantasizing about it and that man has claimed ____ o Said we didn’t'  Simcoe 1793 o Decision to make Toronto the capitol was unexpected and unorthodox o When one talks about the Niagara in 18th century, they talk about the eastern side (US side) but after American Revolution became American territory (but British didn't leave) o When Simcoe came out having been made Lt. Gov. settled in York (Niagara on the Lake)  More people there, established community and that's where the Loyalists were after the war o Both Niagara and Kingston were more established and thought he would set up there but instead chose wilderness area  Strategic advantage: distance from US and ____ harbor  Toronto passage o In revolutionary war Simcoe commanded them and after the war Loyalists disbanded o Simcoe got permission to re-establish  Virtually no one at this site when they arrived  When no one is settling the land, Aboriginals are fine, so are Europeans cuz there's no reason for conflict  Old military fort located where it is b/c Simcoe wanted to protect old military harbor o Also built lighthouse and aimed it Toraulter (?) point Upper Canada created under constitutional act  o British authorities decided to create something which was in reaction to conservative action happening  How do you make a city from scratch? o Made living by selling goods to officers etc  Rural ___ land was being settled o Being populated faster then York  People coming to upper Canada to farm land o That's why loyalists came up across Niagara  As grain began to be exported, it's exported from small local ports like
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