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University of Toronto Mississauga
Richard White

Lecture 7  … was predominately a Jewish neighborhood b/c most people coming to Toronto at this time were Jewish  Near end of the period, many (maybe most) of Jewish people were moving West and a more predominate Jewish community developed around Spadina (but after period dude describing in article) o Interest to note b/c this happened with other ethnic groups too b/c people go to where their countryman are  From outside Jews might look like Jews but inside you can see more political, tradition differences o i.e. Ukrainian needed 2 churches b/c catholic and orthodox so aren't the same even though look the same on the outside  Strategy for integrating to mainstream Anglo Toronto  Ethnicity class and religion what divides area and played in division at the junction  Ward area in reform period attracted a lot of attention o First foreign area in Toronto o What attracted public reformers were the houses (diseases etc.) o Foreigners that lived in the area attracted moral reforms o So one hand public reforms, other moral reforms and see a blend of it o See neglected children: seen as responsible act that seem unacceptable o One of the consequences of having so many reformers being attracted to the ward is that lots of pics taken so know what it looks like and what went on  Prevalence of women in the public sphere o Time of major change during turn of century years Dominate _____ evolving and became more control region   1881 pop or Toronto was 4.5% of Ontario  1921 Toronto was 17.8% of Ontario  Opportunities to succeed that you don't have in ot
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