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Introduction to the course

Political Science
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Graham White

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Democracy in theory and practice
Generally about democracy but it is focused on Canada and just how democratic it is.
Majority think that Canada think its somewhat democratic
What makes Canada democratic
Constitution its adheared to
Minority goverment
What doesnt make Canada democratic
maldistrobution of seats
big money influence
minority government
indirect elections
elected officials doesnt reflect public opinion
not ice how focused we are on elections, and the first topic of democracy is elections, but
there are other things that havent mentioned here
notice that no one talked the media, the judicial system, or the overacting to protests,
the balance between rights and individualism and protection of the state
yes, elections and behaviour are front and centre in democracy, its the no means the
only game in town, there are other elements that are just as important
you do not need to bring your readings to class but you should for tutorials
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