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lecture notes on representative democracy

Political Science
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Graham White

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Representative democracy
Recall that the people elect representatives who hold sig power to govern
There need to be fair elections
Majority rule blaenced with minority rights
Basic structure of house of commons
308 MPs, elected on a rep by pop basis
osort of
oGenerally, the population is representative in the house such as the city has
more mps than risdings with smaller population
oThe balance is constantly changing
oAnd there are some exceptions - it guarentees the smollar porinces with mps
that they are entitled to
oThey have the same mp numbers as the missisauga eriendale riding
o250/260 are done on equitable rep by pop
Four political parties conservative, liberals, ndp and bloc
oDisaplinde, rare that they break ranks.
Minimal number of indipendant mps 2 as of jan 2011
oHighly unusual you can ignore
oMost of the time when you have an indipendant, usually replaces the mp who
quits or gets kicked out
Cabinet of 27
o26 mps, including the PM
o1 senator
To have a liason as to whats going on in senate
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