both lectures on proportional representation

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On proportional representations
People in Egypt are prepared to die for the princbles of democracy
Were fortunate that we dont have to go through this stuff, its about eclectorial
spending and voting systems
Propotional electorial system since a lot of people are unhappy with the exsisting single
member plurality as it distorts results, we should move to a PR system. The essiential idea
is that the voting distribution of a party, should reflect closely what the people voted for.
The votes appear to be rounded to the nearest tenth.
Charastristics of pr
Complex and confusing
Produces fiarer results than smp
Tends to increase number of parties
oCan create even more political parites as well
oYou may also have a threshold your party have to have a certain percentage
to get a seat- for the Ontario suggestion you needed 3%
This keeps extremist groups out this is a question of values
In places withg more than 2 parties, rare produces majority governments
Enhances power of legislature
Reduces concentration of power in one party or leader
Can produce governmental paralysis or blackmail
oThe i game how long does it take before they mention Italy and Israel
oExtremist groups- a concern of extremist parties would cross the threshold
and hell breaks loose
oItaly and Israel arent the only ones, most do and are stable, so much that
politics are boring
May increase turnout
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