party discipline, powers of the MPs versus the Cabinet

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Power relations in parliament
The basic structure of parliament, the issue of representation and concluded that its ok that
most members of parliament that they are middle class, age and white men
the representatives we elect have the power- but what does than mean to the relation of the
power of the prime minister and cabinet
Cabinet soloidarity once cabinet has made a decision, then all ministers have to
support that decision
oIf they disagree, they have to resign as a minister
Notion of party discipline
oOnce political party in parliament has reached a decision on what it stands
on an issue or bill, then the mps are to support and vote for that its not
constitutional princible its political
oIf it is really serious they could kicked out of the party
The party is collective you think of the parties and the cabinet
It is an adversarial place the arrance ment of the house of commons is significant
because you know who youre friends are and the enemy is that is on the other side
of the aisle
Most British style parliaments are in semicircles, the seats are arranged by
alphabetical or by constituencies
The way enhances the adversarial nature of the place, a vote is either agree or
Her majestys loyal opposition largest opposition in h of commons it is their job to
criticize the government and come up with alternative, its about conflict.
The cabinet and the prime minister that has the power.
oThe cabinet has more resources than the other mps
Staff mps will have 3 or 5 members of staff that assist them, while
the cabinet ministers who are in charge of government departments,
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