POL112H5 Lecture 1: General course

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8 Feb 2016
Lecture 1
In General:
Some scholars say a democracy is a country that has elections
But that’s not true because elections aren’t always fair, many
can’t run for oce, several more issues, also there are more
pseudo democracies
In Canada we have a liberal democracy, but this type can still
have problems ex fraud
Close authoritarian state: no elections, freedom of speech,
“inde#nite political tenure”
In the middle you have grey area, some with elections, others
with none
UN recognizes 193 countries with many di+erent types of gov’t
Third wave: democracy in the world comes in waves,
democracies in the world will decrease in di+erent regions, then
you see a reverse wave where number of democracies decline
over years again, and this repeats. Mots scholars say we have
had three waves.
Di+erent Areas We Will Study:
We will study the West, Europe, Asia, Africa – many di+erent
regions within these continents
Canada’s liberal democracy spends money around the world to
promote democracy
Around 80% of the world likes democracy, some disagree
oMany think that democracy is the ideal form of gov’t for
the West but not for non-Western places
Russia falls in the category of pseudo democracy, elections are
rigged (Putin)
China has been the fastest growing economy in the world for
over 3 decades but they have a closed system with no
democracy, this provides an alternative to Western model for
oOthers that hope China will become a democracy in the
Africa is mixed, they have many di+erent types but their
democracies are not usually liberal. In particular Nigeria, their
election last year had a fair and free election.
The middle east in North Africa is the region with the least
Look at how to spread democracy, if we want to do it
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