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Lecture 6

Where Do States Come From lecture 3: Jan. 20 Where Do States Come From lecture 5: Feb. 3 What is a Democratic State lecture 6: Feb. 10 What is a NonDemocratic State

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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POL114 Nicole Lawro.
lecture 3
Where do States Come From?
- where political Readers derive authority: three legitimations of domination
> tradicional, charasmatic, legal-rational
1. Kings & such
2. non state Readers, Readers of social groups, having certain gifts qualities
that have ppl follow them
3. have power, because they come from a set of racional proceséis
last week terms: state, power, politics, authority
this weeks terms: governments, governments as protection rackets, process
of European state formation
world before states (excerpt from ivanhoe)
- overlapping authority within the same territory
> prince john
> king Richard
> templar knights
> princes and lords

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- states are a given
- the way kings made war was diff from the way states now make war
- kings borrowed money & extrated it from their subjects (taxes – tribute)
> war
- borrow money from banking family.
> they lend them money to finance war
- raised taxes, made them “temporary taxes” that never seemed to drop
- being a winner, means enlarging your land
> more land = more people & resources
- govs can eliminate internal rivals
- one authority that is succesfully obtaining
- late 18th century, most European monarchs had their own armies
- use violence for 4 diff things
> war making
> state making: eliminating internal rivals
> protection: eliminating clients rivals
> extraction: acquiring the means to carry out the first 3
>> beaurocracy taxation
- eliminating rivals & sending out agents into country side = extracting more
> strengthened extraction capacity

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feb 03/2011 : lecture 5
what is a democratic state?
- schmitter & karl
1 what makes governing system democratic?
2. what makes democracy possible?
3. What makes it feasible?
1. Why Somaliland is a model of successfully democratizing state
1. Is sierra leone democratic?
2. will cambodias’s democracy last?
what makes a state democratic?
- written constitution
- president elected by the ppl
- 2 party system
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