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Human Rights

Political Science
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November 11, 2010
Human Rights
Government protect rights
Sovereignty no higher authority
No emphasis on human rights or to enforce human rights changed WWII
Enormous impact of WWII civilians
Holocaust involved initially trimming Jewish population of citizenship and their rights
Jewish not only victims of Holocaust
Ethnic Cleansing
Unacceptable laws were passed to hold those who are accountable
Universal in application not viewed in those who lost the war
Cant hold someone responsible that wasnt a law while they were doing the actions
Certain aspects of war were large extent exempted
Justice in war discrimination require that all efforts be made to distinguish
civilians and combatants VIOLATED
Germany violated aerial bombing; also Japanese in China
NOT included in Nuremburg Laws crimes against humanity
Allies used air power and massive bombing destroyed large numbers of cities, (cant
try Germany for what they have done similarly) therefore, crimes were exempted
International Court of Justice
Rwandan Genocide killings of Tutsis and moderate Hutus no means in holding them
accountable in accepted international forum
oCourt specifically designed
International court of justice (ICC) permanent court located in Netherlands & prupose
of holding individuals to account for human rights violations (not just war crimes)
oDeal with war crimes (refer to crimes that were committed in contradiction in
laws of war)
oCrimes against humanity (murder)
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