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Lecture 2

POL114H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Diplomatic Recognition, Environmentalism, Dependent And Independent Variables

Political Science
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Arnd Jurgensen

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POL114 – Lecture 2
Approaches to Study of Politics
oThey acknowledge international organizations exist,
however do not step down upon States – as these
organizations serve the interest of States
oAnarchy, economic interdependence will not allow
peace to occur
oCentral problem for Realist: How to avoid War
oThey view the State as a central actor, not reducible
to other interests
oDoes not reject international system given by
oArgue that anarchy can be overcome by increased
cooperation and the development of international
institutions globally
oTrade is highly necessary to increase wealth
(specializing in certain products) – less occurrence
of war
Coal and Steel key source in Warfare, European
countries came together in unison to mass
produce these products
oImmanuel Kant: developed Democratic Peace
Theory (Idealism)
No two democratically governed countries have
made war against each other
Democratic Peace theory demonstrates that
Democratic countries go to war against non-
Democratic states
Critical Perspectives:
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