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Lecture 6

POL114H5 Lecture 6: Non-democratic states

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Thursday, October 15, 2015
Lecture 6
Non-democratic states
-more interesting in the way power is manipulated in non-democratic states
-can be defined by using the definition of non democratic states
-“a system of governance in which rulers are NOT held accountable for their actions in
the public realm by citizens, acting indirectly through the competition and cooperation
of their elected representatives
if rulers are not held accountable, the rest of the definition falls apart
they can do what ever they want
every ruler will not go to the extremes but the rest of definition becomes non exiting
-Example of non-democratic state
Egypt under Mubeerek, military rule
Saudia Abria
North Korea
Cuba - Raul
-Different Forms
single party state
military dictatorship
strong man
electoral authoritarian
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Thursday, October 15, 2015
-Totalitarian regimes
state captures all space
-defined by capture all public and private states
no domain where state not present
no possibility for dissent
-no room for civil society
-no room for discussing the rules of the game
-the room is completely captured by the state
-Movie clip from Est Ouest (Stalin’s Soviet Union)
separated from families
trying to figure out if they are a spy
might be trying to overcome the government
the state decided where they are going to live
point of the movie- depicts the life under a totalitarian state
very little choice is given to the people
choices dictated which would not be in a normal state
-Authoritarian (A) vs Totalitarian (T)
Leaders (A)
unaccountable (A)
Leaders (T)
unaccountable (T)
some public realm (A)
no public realm (T) - no civil society, cant debate political ideas
some civil society (A) - layer between the individual and the state
no civil society (T)
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