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Lecture 3

POL114H5 Lecture 3: Weberian State

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Thursday, September 24, 2015
Lecture 3
Weberian State
-How did we come to live in a world of Weberian State?
-Video shows the territories such as England and France
middle ages (900 years ago)
politically authority organized differently
king has been away fighting in the name of the king of England
his brother is trying to win the love of people (competing of authority)
overlapping authority within the territory
robin hood is claiming authority within his place even though he lives outside of the
power authority
women found in a monstory, the man tries to convince her to change her mind
since she could be burned by the state
- tells her to say she doesn’t believe in God
-She says she doesn’t practice God the same way since she is a jew
-Comparing Two Video’s
people fighting to be charge vs saying words to accept the agreement
no institutions other than the champion of the condem (Rebecca)
no court to appeal to in the first video
band of brothers around the castles are the robin hood brothers (peasants)
-helping ivanhoe
-claiming their right to self rule
-not listening to any authors present
-Obama could be anyone (rules rule)
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Thursday, September 24, 2015
-Before and After
overlapping authority
-traditional vs. legal-rational
personal freedom, bureaucracies
personal loyalties, professional responsibilities
-no favourite to king
-no right of authority now
-only state and government can use form
riveals, the state
-King Richard
-King’s brother John
-Princes, lords
-Templer Knights
-So how did we go from world of kings and knights to “state”?
expanding from wars
Webber calls traditional form of authority yesterday
-Tilly’s Argument
starts at the end (backward)
states are like rackets
-rackets are like mobs
-they protect the people from competition to have a exchange for something
-protecting from what the racket might impose
-pay for protection, mafia enforces that, they will come after you
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