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Lecture 8

POL114H5 Lecture 8: Huntington vs. Bowen

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Thursday, October 29, 2015
Lecture 8 Notes
Huntington vs. Bowen
-we will be looking at how the political world looks from below instead from above
-in understanding why it happens
-Explaining Violent Conflict
Bosnia war shows us the different ways to explain violent conflict
Bowen looks at political explanation (power)
Huntington looks at cultural explanation (tribal, clan, ethics, national, existing lines
of differences)
economic explanation could mean anything from the profit during the war, the
geographic explanations looks at the typography (craves, mountains which makes
it hard)
environmental explanations have to do with the quality of life, ability to have and
farm land,
-Explaining War in Bosnia
political explanations for the war would look at political leaders, political party
leaders, people who want to be political leaders
-milosevic, tudman’s ambitions
-both were seeking power using a nationalist appeal
-was a stagery to get what they want
-do not view the violence as inevitable

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Thursday, October 29, 2015
cultural explanations would look at exiting groups of people, look at the differences
among those groups, conflict between those groups would look at how the conflict
-not leaders but instead its exiting divisions between the groups
-main actors are those groups
-fiction is the differences between these groups
-hated among the Serbs, Croats, Muslims
-acted on the hated as an opportunity that arose
-war was the end of itself
-violence is inevitable
-hatred is so powerful that people who kill each other form an different group
-can't avoid it
-get get around it
example of political explanations
anthropologist who studies south east Asia
wrote a piece to the respond to Huntington
his explanations of rewound is that political elites were seeking more power, more
resources using the pretext of nationalism; they created a level of fear of the
-the emeries were the people next door people lived
-political leaders used fear towards the people
-war is a effective tool or a way to get what they want
-to eliminate the things they do not want
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